The journey of being a wife has a lot of organizers and has decided to share with the world how to be organized life.  Here you will find calendars, project list, grocery list, address book, card mailing list, party organizer, etc. 

Each document is made by me and for personal use only. All printable documents will be listed on the printable tab listed on the site. Feel free to print and enjoy! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Thanksgiving is not only a day that you can celebrate when the nation celebrates, but you can do it everyday.  We all know what the normal will be on the dining table: Dressing, turkey, ham, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, and you can not forget the sweet potato/pumpkin pies!  Well you can bring an extra item to the table without even having something physically in your hand....a gratitude of thanks.  You have so much to be thankful for.  Make sure you tell God thank you.  He doesn't have to do it but be "thankful" that He does! 

When you can get some alone time with your spouse today, make sure you tell him thank you.  You don't have to go into a list (but if you want to go right ahead :-)) of what you thanking him for but just say thank you and give him a sweet soft kiss.  The softness of the kiss will leave him wondering what comes in after that kiss.  Make sure you look into his eyes and mean what you say.  Every marriage is not perfect but you can say thank you honey! If you have any kids, make sure you give them a hug and tell them thank you. A lot of children are not with their parents today but yours are and you should be thankful.  Oh and last but not lease, look in the mirror and tell yourself thank you.  Weird???  No because you do so much for the family and sometimes you don't feel like it.  So look, smile and say "thank you (insert your name)"!! 

I am so thankful for so much.  Each and every day is a brand new mercy from God and I can't help but be thankful.  

I pray you all have a blessed and fulfilling thanksgiving. Don't eat to much turkey! :-) 

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As we know, the man is there to protect us.  To make sure we have what we need.  That is why we love "him" so much; right?!?!?!  YES!!!  But what about his soft side?  Does he have one?  Have you ever seen it?  Have you ever mentioned to him if he has one?  All men have a soft side!  It's nothing to be ashamed of and that doesn't make him any less of a man.  He is human as well women!  We are a hand full and a lot to deal with.  Sometimes I wonder to myself, how does he deal with! 

We always want the man to give us a massage; to cuddle with us; to go to dinner when we want and where we want; and so much more.  Guess what???  Flip the script.  Give him the massage. Cuddle up with him.  Take him to dinner.  Give him an unexpected gift every now and then.  Wrestle with him.  What ever it takes, do it.  If you see him cry, be that shoulder he can cry on.  We always cry on their shoulders.  Men will appreciate it sooner than later. 

Women, if you say you don't know how to do those things, then read. There is so much research out here on the WORLD WIDE WEB that it can tell you how and when to do anything.  Read blogs for married women.  Ask other married women.  Don't give them full detail...just throw out some key lines to get the understanding of what you should do.  We have to learn to be there for our husbands far beyond the eye can see.  Doing things for your husband does not have to be extraordinary or this big planned event.  It can be as simple as putting a sticky note message in his lunch or on the sterring wheel in his car. Send a text message every now and then and see what will happen.  You know the things that we don't do for our own husbands, there are women out there that will. 

All I am saying is don't abuse your husband ability of taking care of you.  He does have a soft side and he likes to be taken care of as well.  If you have never thought about this, start today.  It's not to late to consider these things!  Have fun at it!

This past weekend, I saw the person that I fell in love with.  Not saying that I was not in love with him but it just made that feeling even stronger.  My best friend got married and both my husband and I was in the wedding.  When we were slow dancing, we reconnected again.  You know things in life can have you going crazy and be so busy that you forget about why you two fell in love.  It was just a great feeling!  You know how the "men" say we have that sparkle in our eyes, well "men" can have that same sparkle.  I saw that sparkle in "his" eye and it felt GREAT!!!

Ladies you know that we can have so much going on in our heads that we forget the important really taking care of our husbands.  My priority now is to make that #1 on my list because if he doesn't get it from me, then he would go out and get it from someone else and I couldn't get mad because I wasn't giving it to him.  Just like he had a reason for falling in love with us, we have reasons of why we fell in love with them.  

Make that sparkle come back in his eyes to bring that spark back into your marriage.  It will benefit the both of you and the honeymoon will pick back up where it was left off.

So I decided last year I was going to retire my purple and silver decoration for my Christmas tree. This year I have decided to do.....drum roll and bronze. I think I am also going to incorporate some pine cones, greenery (but not to much because the tree is green.....ha ha), and even some outdoor decor. My husband is a hunter. So I'm thinking that if I incorporate something he loves, besides me, he will be more into the holiday season. He is not the "holiday" person because he thinks people go overboard. The true reason for the holiday season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I'm not taking that away but I do want to do a little decoration. I would also like to do something outside. Not a lot, just something to jazz up the decor on the inside.

Now the coutdown has officially started!!! Woooohooooo. :-) 8 weeks till Christmas; 4 weeks till I put the tree up.

When I was little, we always put the tree up immediately after thanksgiving. The tradition is thanksgiving service on thanksgiving, dinner with family, black Friday shopping, come home and hide the gifts bought, and put the tree up. I really want to stick to that. Well, I'm off to do hang out with the young man of the house and also check out some of the Christmas decorations. I love days like this.

Grabbing my cup of coffee and we are out door!!! Talk to you soon -:)

Every day should be a day of thanksgiving but I think we put a little extra effort into it around this time of the year.  Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 28 this year and time is fastly approaching. What are you thankful for?  Health? Peace? Joy? Your family? The list can go on and on.  I am thankful for everything.  God did not have to let me see this far and the things I have seen and experience along the way but I am glad that He did.
We can sometimes take the small things for granted.  When I experience my hospital visits, it makes me think.  I then start to talk to God and tell Him that I am sorry for taking this for granted because if it is taken away from me, I would not know how to handle it.  Life can be simple if you allow it to.  There will be things along the way that can throw us off track but it’s up to you to get back on.  We wrestle against so much in our daily lives we loose focus.  But God shows a small sign to remind you hey I’m here to take care of you…just trust Him!!

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, take a minute and sit down and make a list of what you are thankful for. You can even go as far as putting the good and bad on the list.  I thank God for the bad things because it allows me to learn from it and keep going.  Look around you and realize how blessed you are.  We sometimes get so caught up in material things, that we overlook the natural things.  I will post my list later.  Be blessed and be thankful!!!

Do you pray for your family? Do you pray for your husband?  Do you pray to be a better wife? We as women can be sooooo, what's that word, STUBBORN!!!! Yes, even I am calling myself stubborn because we can be at times.  We get so caught on things and just hate to tell our husbands that their right.  They may not be right ALL the time, but there are some times when they are right and we just hate to admit it.  

But on another tip on prayer...don't be so quick to pray for your husband to change.  Why would you want him the way you want him?  You didn't create him and it was a purpose the two of you got married.  You and him makes a whole.  Meaning he is his way and you are you're way.  You're not the same.  Praying for someone else to change may not be the right thing to do because they may not be the ones changing.  It might just be you!! Instead of praying for him to change, pray that he because closer to God.  Pray that God will protect him throughout the day when you are apart from each other.  Pray that  God will bring the two of you closer and closer. Pray that you all will be the light to other marriages and that God shines through it. 

We may not know it, but our husbands need prayer and encouragement every second of the day.  Now ladies admit it, we can be difficult to please, talk to, and hand. So, since the man in the HEAD of the HOUSEHOLD, he has a lot of pressure on him.  Taking care of his house.  Taking care of his wife.  Taking care of the kids.  Fixing the broken things in the house.  Keeping the maintenance up on the car.  Being the ear to hear you complain about your bad day at work.  The shoulder you can cry on when there is no one else. The list goes on and on.  He has so much responsibility we don't even see it.  Well some of us see it but we don't want to recognize it.  Oh and let's not forget that his is a great dad!!! How he takes time out with the kid(s).  How he helps with the homework and dinner when you have to stay late for work or stop by the church.  Really, he is your backbone.  

Just make sure that you show him that you appreciate him.  Always tell him thank you. Tell God thank you for your husband as well because many others are not as fortunate as you are. 

How many of you remember when you got love notes while you were in school? Did you get them or did you give them or both??? It probably said something like this?  Do you like me?  Circle one….yes or no! Will you go out with me? Circle one….yes or no! Can I be your boyfriend? Circle one….yes or no! Thinking back over this is kind of funny but cute at the same time.  Well think about the time when you dating your spouse before getting married?  Did you ever give him any love notes?  Did you give him any Hallmark cards just because? Well, let’s start that back ladies!!  One thing I have learned in the daily walk of being a wife is that the men want to be loved as well as appreciated.  Sometimes we can be so selfish and not focus on them.  It’s ok to tell your husband in front of others that you appreciate him and that he is the but do you also let him know in private. Telling him and showing him is two different things that can be combined as one with a MAJOR affect to it.

Let’s start a Love Note Challenge! This challenge is for ten (10) days.  If you desire to keep it going, by all means DO!!! You don’t have to stop after the 10 days. I just gave it an amount of days to kick it off. Pull out the sticky notes and get to writing those “love notes”! Put little messages on a sticky note to let him know that you do care and you do love him.  If you want to get creative with it, do it in a scavenger hunt!  Leave notes in certain places with clues that will blow his mind and make the prize a BIG ONE!!! You will be amazed at what the love notes will do to your marriage.  It will bring the cuteness back.  It will bring the romance back.  It will bring your crush back.  It will put a smile on both of your faces.  It will make the daily walk of being married to your PRINCE a great one!   

You could maybe start off by saying “I love you and have a great day at work”. Then maybe later in the day, you can send him a text (and yes a text message can be a love note as well…depends on what you put in the message) telling him that you can’t wait to see him when you get home.  Give him something worth looking forward to. Remind him of why he chose you to be his life partner.  Kick it up a notch.  Heck, if you even want to do “Sex Coupons”…do it!!!!  Put some Hershey Kisses in a sandwich bag and put a little note with it to make him think about your luscious lips!  

One thing I have learned about being married in God’s eyesight is that sex is not a bad thing in marriage.  Sex should only take place while you’re married but a lot of us missed the concept of that memo before getting married…like me.  Hey, yes I am guilty of it and I’m not shame to tell the world. But as I got closer and closer to God and asked for His forgiveness, that’s when he started preparing me for marriage.  You will catch that last sentence later. Make your marriage what you want it to be and how you want it to be.  

A marriage built by Christ, STANDS STRONG! 

Enjoy ladies!!
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